About us

MEVOS, Ltd. provides a complex range of services in engineering and financial preparation for construction projects.

Our clients are municipalities, unions of municipalities, sewerage and water pipe systems operators, and private businesses.

The company operates across the Czech Republic and internationally (Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Republic of Moldova, and Republic of the Philippines).

Mevos development s.r.o. was founded by Mevos, spol. s r.o.
Its goal – the business plan of the company – is to prepare, design and build an apartment house “Pod Knížecím lesem in Neslovice” and the subsequent sale of residential units and commercial premises.

We provide comprehensive “tailor-made” support in the area of subsidies, ranging from identification of suitable funding opportunities – formulation of the project plan, preparation of the project application including compulsory annexes, implementation schedule and budget, project management and monitoring, to final project evaluation and preparation of the final report.

  • Applications for government funding
  • Applications for EU funding
  • Applications for regional funding
  • Professional and financial consulting
  • Technical and financial studies and consulting
  • Engineering services and administrative support
  • Preparation for construction
  • Optimizing operation of existing water pipe and sewerage systems and waste water treatment plants
  • Preparation of investment plans
  • International development cooperation projects

Contact us

Masna 102, 602 00 Brno, Czech republic
Phone No.: +420 548 423 664
E-mail: mevos(at)mevos.cz


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